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As an artist and designer, I love the inspiration of the specialty-paper boutiques in Paris. It all feels rich in design. The paper choices are yummy and the novel shapes of things add to the mix. Our team has created our French Presse Collection with a Franco-American design sensibility.

In France, postcards rule and we love them too.

We love the visibility of the designs when they arrive in the mail, plus there's no wasteful envelopes (unless you insist). Postcards are collectible by nature can easily be kept and displayed...the precise reason we designed theBUTLER organization station!

Fun to Send Fun to Receive! The clear bag packaging that holds each of our gift sets is approved by the USPS - add your label and postage. Your recipient will smile when finding it in their mailbox.

ItTakesaVillage 5.75x5.7501

It Takes a Village, Set of 8 Cards


IND.Birthday 5x71

Big Birthday


LaVieEstBelle 5x738

La Vie est Belle, Set of 8 Cards


Frameable 5x71

Paris By Night


IND.Birthday 5x75

So...who's counting?


IND.Birthday 5x73

Joy of Living Life


Frameable 5x73

La Palette, Paris 1913


Frameable 5x75

Sketchbook Pears


Frameable 5x77

April in Paris



Paris Vintage ~ Ode to Gustave


JB-InvitationPostcard 2

Paris Contemporary ~ Ode to Andy


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