Writing and illustrating a local news column, now in its’ fourth year, focuses on life, transformation, vision, dance, home, clutter, creativity, family, friends, and relationships. The material springboards from my book, Create the Space you Deserve, the Creating Your Vision Workshops, and everyday life. Stories get told from around the campfire, while pulling weeds, or from the porch with the girls. For the whole story, click on a column below. Or go on-line, to read the most recent stories from the New Haven Register’s ShoreLineTimes. The Times reaches 66,000 households along the Connecticut coast.

9.24.07 Healing Garden

Healing Sanctuary and the healing properties of gardening “this butterfly cottage” continues to serve as a place to heal, a place from which to review the past and to begin to imagine a new future.

2.28.08 Guest Nest

I did what I often suggest to others: 'sleep in your own guest quarters a few nights so you can see how it functions. Get a taste of what you're offering to your sleep-over invites.'

8.14.09 I Love Summer

I love summer when the sun remembers to shine, the geranimums are in full bloom, and the hydrangeas turn to periwinkle bombshells. I love summer when we can eat what's locally grown.

11.14.08 Boundaries on Stuff and Stuffing

What am I cooking up this month? It won’t be turkey, unless it is. In my world there are no boundaries when it comes to worrying. It’s what wakes me up in the night.

1.05.09 Let’s Face the Music and Dance

Author explores the meaning of movement on the dance floor and in life.