Create the Space You Deserve

Create the Space You Deserve
An Artistic Journey to Expressing Yourself Through Your Home

This is a book that guides and empowers the reader to create her space ~ her way. It is not a style book, but rather a guidebook that asks the reader to ask herself; what do I want, need, can’t live without?  What matters most both in my life and in my home?

Jill Butler shares her tools for getting to answers about these kinds of questions. Her own need for change, as well as shared stories by other women, leads the reader  to make choices best suited to her wants and needs.

A tour of Jill’s former ugly duckling cottage, now transformed into a sweet and supportive nest, is guided by photographs, ideas, and her conversational style. The reader is empowered and applauded for daring to declare her vision for her space!

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Wandering Paris


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Rendez-vous with France

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