Corporate Team Building & Leadership Programs


“Pause • Reflect • Refresh”

June 8, 2010
“The Executive Assistants Day Retreat”

A retreat like this may be in order for one of your teams. This day was created for Jeff Emelt, President of GE, for the group of 12 Executive Assistants that support his inner team. This was the assistants acknowledgement for work well done and appreciated!

Business Women’s Forum

“When We’re Dealt Lemons What Can We Create?”

March, 2009
Mind Mapping the Next New You

As the economy was imploding in 2009, we needed to acknowledge what was going on while offering both hope and tools for making a less sour lemonade.

Essex Meadows Directors Retreat

“I, You, We”

October 15, 2009
 I  •  You  •   We

A day retreat for team building for the Annual Directors Outing; fun and reflection were the criteria. The Food for Thought cards, a collaborative painting project, and lunch off-site with a team member they didn't know well, plus the studio setting created a sense of play as we built new connections for collaboration. Their group paintings still hang in the staff room as a visual reminder.

Workshops and Student Programs
“The Art of Being • Doing • Having"
Who”s in the Driver’s Seat?

BeBOLD! Publishing Workshop

These programs are offered in our studio in groups of no more than 12. It’s hands on, and our chance to test new ideas and ways of presenting. The intimacy and exchange between participants is both inspiring and often emotional.

“Creating Your Vision for a Life Filled With Passion”

BeBOLD! Publishing Workshop


“Clarity Clears the
Way for Creating

BeBOLD Publishing Workshop

Associations Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Keynotes

West Hartford Chamber of Commerce

“The Journey of the Creative Process”

November 17, 2010
For Women Who Mean Business

The director of the Chamber resigned after this gathering to follow her passion. It was
electric and she got charged.

Webinar Summit

“Tools for Your Decorating Business”

June 3, 2009
“Tools for Transforming You and Your Business”

The assignment was to assist the membership in redefining their services while redefining themselves. See the animation creasted for this webinar, (LINK)

Guilford Rotary Club

“Business (not) as Usual”

January 6, 2010
Business (not) as Usual

The request was to interact with the group: That was easy with the Birds. Member Rotarioans choose a "Bird" and I offered ideas around their choice for navigating outside the box in a difficult market.

Midd-Shore Association of Realitors

“Agents for Change: are we thinking
outside the box?”

November 2009
General Membership Meeting

Real estate has tanked and ideas are far and few. We were able to wake-up the group at this breakfast meeting to alternative thinking to creating business by seeing their jobs and talents in a new and positive light.

Retreats & Conferences

Hospital of Saint Raphael

The Art of Living Well Retreat

November 20, 2010
You and Your Relationship With Illness

This was a particulaarily difficult challenge as I closely experienced my brother's battle with cancer. And, in all ways it was perfect to be speaking at this retreat for terminal patients and their caregivers.

The Idea Circle for Women

Convention for Re-Invention

October 22, 2012
“Open House to Change”

Our homes are our sacred spaces. Are they created in a way that truly supports us? What is lingering in the basement, in the attic, what needs to leave these spaces. Speaking from my book, Create the Space You Deserve, we identified where and what wasn’t working and gave ourselves permission to chuck the clutter, change the useage of some spaces, and to make our homes our own!

The Spa at Saybrook Point Inn

“Creating Your Vision for Your Next New Chapter“

A collaborative presentation
with Marie Baumuller, Alicia Farrell, Ph.D, and Jill Butler


March 23-24, 2012
BeBOLD! Symposium for Women

This two day retreat was resented by three strong presenters each with their core strength. Our Be-BOLD! theme set the tone along with the Food for Thought cards that kicked off the evening.With each participant introducing themselves based on the
card they drew, emotions flowed and bonding occurred within a few short hours.