Artist Statement

“What intrigues me 
about being a self-taught artist
is the figuring out how to express 
what it is I want to say 
creatively and artistically.

The Journey has been 
my willingness not to know 
but rather to discover along 
the way, thus learning in a 
vulnerable and visceral way.

The art and messages are my 
inner coaching and the ultimate 
gift is the sharing of the work.”

Collage came first ~

Collage came naturally. Creating a collage for me is the art of assembling found objects that tell a story. There's a story that wants to be told. The challenge is to find the objects that will do the telling.

Illustration and journaling came next ~

The fear of perfection never let me take an art class or attempt to put pen to paper and draw. With the opportunity of time and travel, we became friends while sitting in Parisian cafes drinking way too much caffeine and capturing the environs. Places and experiences were drawn and journaled. Once recorded the sense of place is forever engrained in the memory bank. There are now over 10,000 drawings in the bank.