"we haven't killed each other yet"

Fourteen years ago (1998), I was working on a project that needed a different kind of creativity. Bob of Long Cat Graphics was recommended.

At that time, we were both working from home base. Our project was my book, Paintbrush in Paris. We agreed early morning was our best bet for uninterrupted time. For weeks, I arrived at the agreed 6:30 am. Monti, the cat-muse, answered the door and said he'd get Bob as he was often still asleep.

Long Cat GraphicsOne day Bob announces he's rented an office in the village (Chester) and I say, "I want one of those." And so it is that we're 'across the hall' neighbors.

Bob oozes creativity. In addition to his graphic design abilities, he's also a fine artist and accomplished illustrator. He goes about his business, gets the job done, and serves as a superb collaborator. Four books, and innumerable projects later, as Bob says, "we haven't killed each other yet."