Gifting and Its Many Faces

When my brother York was battling cancer in 2006, I needed to feel supportive and connected with him in a difficult and desperate situation. The Birds were the answer to putting our creative energies to work. I drew like a crazy lady and he critiqued this outpouring. One day I asked him, "who are these people?", and his response was, "don't worry Sis' we know them".

York died in 2007 and I very much wanted to honor him by creating a Fund in his name where a percentage of products sold or usage fees were earned from the Birds of a Feather Collection would be directed to some greater good.

Eventually, I called Cynthia Clegg, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, to talk about creating my vision for The York Butler Fund. I respect both Cynthia and the Community Foundation and their focus on "live local and give local".

Thayer Talbott, Director of Programs and Operations for the Community Foundation, has written a beautiful narrative of this journey and in what ways The York Butler Fund will contribute to the local Arts community.

Thanks for taking the time to check out their site and learn about The York Butler Fund: