Color Failure Requires Being Bold

Featured Tribe Member ~ Essex Printing

I’m in a pinch, the printer has failed me, not once, but twice. 
The deadline is now. 
The client is a Fortune 100 company. 
This is not the time for a breakdown. 

What I need is a Breakthrough. 
Being bold isn’t necessarily being popular. 
Decide to switch our printer relationship
Interview candidates.

Ask for quotes.
Choose one, pray, quietly bold within.  
Review the paper choices.
Test the paper choices. Decide.

Prepare the art files.
Proof the job, color matters mightily.
Correct the files as needed.
Proof the job again.

Keep the client in the loop.
We will make the deadline.
Leave the printer team to do their job.

Pick up the first needed copies.
Deliver with a day's margin.
Breathe a sigh of relief.
What more do we need?

Nine months later, our hero printer 
wins the N.E. Print Industries, 
Pinnacle Award, First Prize, 
for our project in its category.

Color matters.
Being Bold matters.
Gratitude matters.

Time for a reprint!