mailbox-and-shirtSlowing down
a world
seldom stops

I’ve been thinking about Pause
and my current need to take a break from
too much activity and my ceaseless internal chatter.
I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions lately ~
What if?
How come?
What matters?
Where is?
Why am I here, anyway?
It’s exhausting!
My partner Paul laughs, or maybe cries,
when I bombard him with questions in rapid-fire.
His first response is,
“which one do you want me to answer first”?
That stops the train.
What is my question?
What matters most?
The key questions for the moment are ~
Who am I?
What do I want?
Stepping back is the way to perspective
I’ve decided to hit the PAUSE button
to enjoy the porch ~ read write nap
swim in the lake
toast marshmallows
quiet the mind and
simply BE.