Let the journey begin!

What are we waiting for?
I love new beginnings. Being in the confusion of it all, not so much!
Once I can see where I'm headed, I'm energized to keep going!

In getting started there are times when we need help.
Knowing to Ask for help is a great skill set to practice often.

In 2014, I want my world to expand. I want to venture out of my cozy nest. So I Asked for help in the world of branding, licensing, and new business opportunities.

Shortly after Asking, I'm sitting on the front stoop of The Local Beet getting caught up with a friend. I hear a familiar voice saying, "is that Jill Butler?" Standing before me is, Laura Lee Miller, a long lost business associate and friend.
Synchronicity* at its best!

Laura's business path from Unilever to Vera Wang led her to creating NYC based, BrandSolutions LLC. They specialize in what I need. I'm being challenged to declare on paper who I am and what I have to offer. No more wishing, wanting hoping! The time is now!

The onset of a new year is a major moment for reflection, a time to declare our preferences, to own who we are, and what we have to offer.

* Synchronicity by definition is a happen chance that occurs in perfect alignment with our thoughts and ideas. Some say, synchronicity is God showing off!

So, who are you? what are you wanting to create? what matters most?