Love, Clutter, Quieting the Mind

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is mid-month, and the promise of spring creates the desire for new beginnings. Really, spring will arrive!

I love presenting programs at the Spiritual Life Center because it offers a breath of fresh air; the unexpected space of the Anam Cara library and the prevailing energy of peacefulness.

So what does clearing the clutter, quieting the mind, and falling in love, have to do with each other? 

I know of no other way of falling in love with the new than the clearing of the clutter in our lives.  Clearing the old causes us to pause, to be selective, to be disciplined and extremely courageous to throw out the over-used, under-served and worn-out stuff of both our material possessions and our habitual thinking. 

I selfishly present this program every Spring just so I can pay attention to this process. So, if you too are wanting to fall in love with your life, to re-engage with what matters most, or create a supportive or sacred space, join me with the exceptional folks at The Spiritual Life Center in the Anam Cara library on March 1.


About the program:  

Clearing the Clutter Quiets the Mind is one of my signature programs namely because it is, I believe, one of the most important practices for us to develop and to continually update.  We are best able to move to the new, to see where we stand currently when we live in spaces that are emotionally and physically clear. 

My book, Create the Space you Deserve, was written from my journals as I cleared the emotional divorce issues and right-sized into a space that would support me during my personal re-invention.

This program will offer some “how to” organize your stuff and zero in on how to create spaces that support us every day. Equally we will explore why it matters, no matter where we are in our lives.

We will identify what space(s) we might choose to declare as "sacred" to us individually, other spaces that are shared. This is always a fun exercise and often a new way of viewing how we live in our physical spaces.

I love presenting this program as I see the “light bulbs”, the ideas taking hold, light up the room. Join me and others to play with and to consider how I might best clear the way for the new!

Note: The Spiritual life Center is located in the Holy Family Monastery, though it is a different organization, in West Hartford, CT.  Anam Cara, is Celtic for “friend of my soul”.  

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