Jill Butler brings 
character, clarity, and 
creativity to the art of 
making a home. Both 
visionary and catalytic, 
she sparks and inspires 
her reader. In her hands, 
the making of a home 
is a spiritual practice.

author of The Artist’s Way


Life took a turn. It was a turn I wanted but wasn’t totally prepared for. One never is. Life’s journey is filled with pot holes, stop-overs and detours. Changes that occcured were emotional and engendered a totally new lifestyle. Divorce tends to do that. Throughout the process, I journaled daily. From these seeds came this book. As the author and illustrator, I am happy to share this personal story. Creating a new space, or reinvesting ourselves in an existing space, sets up the opportunity for reinventing ourselves simultaneously. Winston Churchill said, "we create our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings create us". I share my process
of self-Aurtographed-copiesdiscovery in the hope that it will lead you to your next kingdom; be it a room,
a space, or a mansion that speaks who you are and nurtures your journey. 

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