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Friday, 28 February 2014 16:26


As a vision coach, how can I not love Possibilities, this year's theme for the Greater Hartford Greater Women's Conference, in its 7th year, on March 25th. Dr. Gina Barreca's keynote is certainly destined to be thought provoking and hilariously funny! That's who she is and what she delivers!

Possibilities are what we create for ourselves when we're willing to reach up - out - and beyond what we are currently experiencing.

Possibilities are what keeps me going. The new idea is what I need to complete the current project - it's what pulls me through to completion. I always want to jump to the new but mostly I've trained myself to complete the old before plunging into the new.

What if we were to walk through this wintry cold and step into Spring right now? Sign me up for warm and yummy possibilities. My door is open for welcoming the new, for collaborations not yet imagined, and for the fun and life affirming new growth!

Monday, 03 February 2014 12:35

Love, Clutter, Quieting the Mind

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is mid-month, and the promise of spring creates the desire for new beginnings. Really, spring will arrive!

I love presenting programs at the Spiritual Life Center because it offers a breath of fresh air; the unexpected space of the Anam Cara library and the prevailing energy of peacefulness.

So what does clearing the clutter, quieting the mind, and falling in love, have to do with each other? 

I know of no other way of falling in love with the new than the clearing of the clutter in our lives.  Clearing the old causes us to pause, to be selective, to be disciplined and extremely courageous to throw out the over-used, under-served and worn-out stuff of both our material possessions and our habitual thinking. 

I selfishly present this program every Spring just so I can pay attention to this process. So, if you too are wanting to fall in love with your life, to re-engage with what matters most, or create a supportive or sacred space, join me with the exceptional folks at The Spiritual Life Center in the Anam Cara library on March 1.

Monday, 06 January 2014 13:19

Let the journey begin!

What are we waiting for?
I love new beginnings. Being in the confusion of it all, not so much!
Once I can see where I'm headed, I'm energized to keep going!

In getting started there are times when we need help.
Knowing to Ask for help is a great skill set to practice often.

In 2014, I want my world to expand. I want to venture out of my cozy nest. So I Asked for help in the world of branding, licensing, and new business opportunities.

Shortly after Asking, I'm sitting on the front stoop of The Local Beet getting caught up with a friend. I hear a familiar voice saying, "is that Jill Butler?" Standing before me is, Laura Lee Miller, a long lost business associate and friend.
Synchronicity* at its best!

Laura's business path from Unilever to Vera Wang led her to creating NYC based, BrandSolutions LLC. They specialize in what I need. I'm being challenged to declare on paper who I am and what I have to offer. No more wishing, wanting hoping! The time is now!

The onset of a new year is a major moment for reflection, a time to declare our preferences, to own who we are, and what we have to offer.

* Synchronicity by definition is a happen chance that occurs in perfect alignment with our thoughts and ideas. Some say, synchronicity is God showing off!

So, who are you? what are you wanting to create? what matters most?

Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:17

Gifting and Its Many Faces

When my brother York was battling cancer in 2006, I needed to feel supportive and connected with him in a difficult and desperate situation. The Birds were the answer to putting our creative energies to work. I drew like a crazy lady and he critiqued this outpouring. One day I asked him, "who are these people?", and his response was, "don't worry Sis' we know them".

York died in 2007 and I very much wanted to honor him by creating a Fund in his name where a percentage of products sold or usage fees were earned from the Birds of a Feather Collection would be directed to some greater good.

Eventually, I called Cynthia Clegg, President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, to talk about creating my vision for The York Butler Fund. I respect both Cynthia and the Community Foundation and their focus on "live local and give local".

Thayer Talbott, Director of Programs and Operations for the Community Foundation, has written a beautiful narrative of this journey and in what ways The York Butler Fund will contribute to the local Arts community.

Thanks for taking the time to check out their site and learn about The York Butler Fund:

Monday, 04 November 2013 12:30

Adults need to play more

"filling the void" with a goldfish?

"Gather many hands to pitch in; do good, work less, and play more" is the mantra of Pat Thompson, president of the Essex Auxiliary of The Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut.

Pat has her way of attracting amazing women willing to volunteer to raise thousands of dollars for the more than 17,000 in need children and their family members in S.E. Connecticut. Our work contributes to19 staffed school based health centers, mental health counseling, childcare, and after school programs. Our volunteers read to the kids, or provide the basics of holding a child or a winter coat.

Pat's magic is attracting volunteers with the fulfilled promise of having fun. Pat is light on her feet in her self-deprecation. Her Mom's advice and insistence she needed to get a goldfish to "fill the "void" in her life is pretty hilarious! You had to be there.

"Adults need to play more" and we do! Every gathering and event is filled with focus and laughter, and we're not allergic to celebrating our efforts.

In support of the Child and Family Agency, Jill Butler art&design and graphic designer, Bob Van Kiersbilck of Long Cat Graphics have created and are donating the proceeds of "Connecting the dots with Kid Wisdom," a monthly calendar for 2014 . Great stocking stuffer, office gifts, school teacher, and don't forget you!

Friday, 27 September 2013 12:14


"we haven't killed each other yet"

Fourteen years ago (1998), I was working on a project that needed a different kind of creativity. Bob of Long Cat Graphics was recommended.

At that time, we were both working from home base. Our project was my book, Paintbrush in Paris. We agreed early morning was our best bet for uninterrupted time. For weeks, I arrived at the agreed 6:30 am. Monti, the cat-muse, answered the door and said he'd get Bob as he was often still asleep.

Long Cat GraphicsOne day Bob announces he's rented an office in the village (Chester) and I say, "I want one of those." And so it is that we're 'across the hall' neighbors.

Bob oozes creativity. In addition to his graphic design abilities, he's also a fine artist and accomplished illustrator. He goes about his business, gets the job done, and serves as a superb collaborator. Four books, and innumerable projects later, as Bob says, "we haven't killed each other yet."

Thursday, 29 August 2013 15:09


how a dream led to a licensing agreement

Meet EuroQuest our "tribe member" for September 2013. EuroQuest imports and distributes quality products for the table and recently offered us an opportunity to re-launch The JB Tabletop Collection.

The Collection was initially launched in year 2000 and enjoyed great success until the distributor collapsed during the downturn. By traveling to Seattle and buying the inventory at auction, our team kept The Collection alive by marketing it to our wholesale customers from our Chester, CT location.

At the end of two years, it was time to move on!
In a dream, I was "directed" to send an email to EuroQuest to offer them our remaining inventory. Instead they said, "actually, we'd like to re-launch the collection.
Opportunity comes when we listen and take action,
and from the other side it never hurts to ASK.

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