quietly bold from the inside outThe muse was knocking with a massive headache and so I got up. I had no choice so it seemed. It is 4:40 a.m. and my head is screaming. Some say this week has been punishing with the barometric pressure offering up severe headaches. True or not, I’m now awake.

Having declared Being Bold! for 2012 has caused much thinking and action taking. I’m excited, impressed and touched by the responses from those who read my monthly offering here. I’d like to share a few.

Linda’s “dream is to dress every dachshund on the planet in her couture coat collection.” Jan envisions “her own network talk show called, Classroom Connections 365.” Maria just opened a Microshop at Domestic Possessions in Madison in spite of, what she describes, as during “a challenging market.”

Megan talks about her and her husband’s and two very young children’s bold journey of leaving what she calls “plastic houses and neighborhoods of Idaho.” For six months, they visited village after village in search of “a magical little corner of the world. Where we finally settled was in the very village that we had our eyes on (via the internet) for many years; a charming little town in Connecticut.” Essex as it happens. Welcome Meagan and family, you have arrived.

In how many ways might we be limiting ourselves? What magic, or discovery, might we experience were to lift the off-limits ban and put ourselves into all-systems go?

I was at a recent Anne Garland Enterprises “Girls, Gris, Goals” annual event and we were asked to share any recent transformations in our thinking. What struck me was a shift that was shared by Elizabeth, who said: “I know what I love to do, who I want to be with, and where I want to be, and of late, I decided to reconsider all the people, places, and things I have on as off-limits for my life.” And then she added, “including getting a tattoo.” Her girlfriend across the table jumped in shock and quizzed her, “You aren’t really getting a tattoo are you?” A long pause occurred. She was horrified and said she was relieved her friend had decided not to go there as she admitted she had definite prejudices against tattoos. Wonder if that might ever get lifted?

quietly bold from the inside outDuring our table’s sharing what resonated with me was my list of: I don’t…, I never…., I’m not a fan of…, I would die before I would ever…it’s not my thing… etc., etc. I’ve got a pretty good list. I was aware that recently I had lifted the off-limits ban on my interests and ideas about a lot of things. Doors are opening even about exercising. It’s true, I still don’t love (not even like) gyms, working out per se, programmed classes, sweaty equipment in general. That said, I‘ve been “trying-on” various scenarios of how I “might” be willing to engage in exercising; how, where, with whom, what time of the day, commitment required and cost. When I finally decided to get into shape, the perfect fitness coach, Marie Baumuller, FitIngenuity.com, walked into my office for an entirely different reason. Synchronicity at work. What lured me into the group was Marie works us with great music and lots of variety. The mind has no time to wander as it clings to whatever it takes to keep it moving and trust me it moves. Best of all, we’re in a dance studio with beautiful wood floors, mirrors, and no machines. I love it. That said I will admit, it’s a challenge. Do I like (forget love) that the group meets at 6 a.m., three days a week? Read my lips. Six a.m. would normally be an off-limits that would have killed this opportunity. For a gal who wants and needs her time in the morning, this is a challenge. I don’t yet sleep well the night before for fear the alarm won’t go off. However, and that’s a big however, the decision and my vision to get into shape override the 5 a.m. wake-up call by a long shot. Easy? Not so in the beginning. Walking out of the house under the moon is not my style (another off-limits). There is hope, however, for spring is around the corner and my jeans are starting to fit more comfortably.

Being bold does not have to be a 6 a.m. exercise class. There’s also what I like to call a quiet, gracious bold. Megan came to the same idea about quiet boldness having experienced what her family called extreme. Bold doesn’t always appear outwardly and need not be dramatic, outrageous, or visible. Bold from the inside-out looks and acts like quiet determination; a decision to change a pattern that only we know about; to transform our thinking, to let go of the fear of the unknown, to risk setting boundaries for ourselves in a new way, to create a new healthier pattern. Quiet bold may never be apparent to others, perhaps over time. What matters is we know, we notice. When the motions of change and transformation is from the inside out and has depth, it endures, is authentic and will undoubtedly manifest in greater outward boldness with a quiet sense of confidence. Big and bold, quiet and bold - both have their place.

For this month, I’m offering the Food for Thought, JillsBirds ‘nWords® original to the contributor who shares their greatest internal transformation or shift; the quiet internal bold, the thought, the habit, the belief, the change that perhaps only you recognize, the development of a new emotional skill that makes you feel bold from the inside out. Send you offering to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and please include your mailing address, we just might be mailing you something that’s not a bill.

Last month’s Bird from of the JillsBirds’nWords® ~ Food for Thought Collection goes to Megan who has also been gifted participation in the “Be Bold! Creating Your Vision Workshop” this Saturday. We will get to meet Megan and welcome her to Connecticut and to our charming wooded neighborhoods!

Editor’s Note: Jill’s Chester Studio Boutique welcomes your visit (with a call before, just in case we’re not in) to browse the boutique and to talk about the Be Bold! 2012 Project. 860-526-5155, www.jillbutler.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 4 Water Street, Chester 06412, second floor over the Wheatmarket.

Published: Thursday, February 09, 2012 in the Shoreline Times