Make a Plan Watch it Change

Years ago, I mean years ago, I used to create “books”.  They were handcrafted, and rubberstamped with whatever the heart desired and was befitting for the message wanting to be expressed.

Here’s one from 1980; twenty pages rubberstamped letter by letter the word c h a n g e and titled, “The Story of My Life”.  Any of us could have written this book, as change is what we’re destined to do: Change, Change, Change, and hopefully grow, grow, grow… and evolve.

Mostly, we’re resistant to change because it causes us inconvenience; how dare I be inconvenienced we lament. We may think we want these changes but for me, I’m acutely aware I don’t like my boat to be rocked. Change triggers the discomfit of not knowing what’s around the corner. Sudden change, on the other hand, is often a wake up call to walk away from our worn out ways of being and doing. Either by design or sudden change, we’re driven to want to know, HOW will this all work out? We want to know the end result before we start to paddle. Seeing and writing a new picture for ourselves is what moves us along. Is it easy? No way! Actually the question, is it easy, isn’t the point. The better question would be, am I wiling to accept and embrace that change is occurring?

Original Collage by Jill ButlerGratitude in the darkest days reminded me of where I was no longer and the energy to consider the new that was developing around me even if I couldn’t see it yet…like the silver lining. Without expectations of how others are suppose to support us, keeps us open to the unexpected graciousness of the benevolent unknowns.

As the world is shifting into it’s new version of itself, we are beginning to see some breakdowns of what was assumed to be the “that’s just the way it is”.  Now would be a really important time to look around and see what’s not working, what is ill around us and within us, and to start to imagine things differently. I love the idea of the Shaman who said, “if you want your world to change, plant a different kind of seed”.  Who we are and what we experience is the outgrowth of what we believe to be true for ourselves and the world.

What book of CHANGE do you want to write for yourself? How are you being or wanting to be challenged? How are you stepping up to the changes already knocking at your door? Change is a process not a one stop shopping fixer-upper. Instant This, Instant That. was another of my handmade books. The process of creating it gave me a tool for creating patience and an opportunity to come to terms with the need for immediate gratification.

Diary, Original Artwork by Jill ButlerI’m reminded of the response of the boss who when I told him that one day I knew he would be promoted and that I wanted his job. His reply was not one of how dare she, but more wisely, he said, put your head down, and go to work. In a year, pick it up and we’ll see where we are. And so I did. I worked like a dog and in a year’s time, I picked up my head, quit my job, title, car, expense account, and all the goodies of corporate life and went out into the world to learn how to live. How to work I already knew! And change came knocking big time. Research states the three most stressful changes in life are death, divorce and moving. Perhaps I knew that change would by my middle name even in 1980. Or was it the handmade book that projected me into ever-changing?