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Writing and illustrating a local news column, now in its’ fourth year, focuses on life, transformation, vision, dance, home, clutter, creativity, family, friends, and relationships. The material springboards from my book, Create the Space you Deserve, the Creating Your Vision Workshops, and everyday life. Stories get told from around the campfire, while pulling weeds, or from the porch with the girls. For the whole story, click on a column below. Or go on-line, to read the most recent stories from the New Haven Register’s ShoreLineTimes. The Times reaches 66,000 households along the Connecticut coast.

BE BOLD! Women’s Symposium

be-bold1OLD SAYBROOK - When women come together to learn, nurture, change, and grow, the outcome is inspired, energetic and contagious.

The Saybrook Point Inn & Spa will present its “BE BOLD!” Women’s Symposium on Friday evening, March 23 from 6 – 9 p.m. starting with a wine and hors d’oeurves reception with a meet and greet the speakers. Return on Saturday, March 24, as the program continues with a 7 a.m. guided morning stretch and walk (optional), 8 a.m. registration, 8:30 a.m. Movement in Motion class for all levels of fitness, followed by breakfast, inspiring presentations, lunch and one-on-one time with the speaker, and a wrap up with afternoon tea.

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Food for Thought: Tasty ‘Birds’ grace new trading card line

By L.E. Agnelli
Special to the Times

food-thought1The Chester studio of artist Jill Butler brings to mind a pretty Parisian warehouse, the east wall stacked high with her colorful, French-inspired tabletop collection.

Her latest creation, Food for Thought cards, are yet another playful inspiration, featuring her whimsical artwork, but with a message.

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Thanksgiving in Paris: By our very own Francophile

thanksgiving-paris1Why have a kitchen if we don’t use it? I ask myself this question often. A foodie I’m not, but I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by those who know how to craft beautiful food. I have survived my Mother’s mid-western cooking; my father used to make jokes about my Mother’s under baked baked potatoes. I’ve come to know food even if embarrassingly, my favorite Thanksgiving dish is my Mom’s black cherry Jello filled with bing cherries and topped with pecans.

There is a hierarchy of those who create food; chef, sous-chef, cook and then there are those impassioned with cooking from degrees of serious to mild. I do love great food and recognize the difference. For those who share their culinary skills the rest of us are needed as what I’ll call the appreciators. We appreciate and are in gratitude for their skills we do not possess.

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Tackling the blues head on - columnist keep boredom at bay

tackling-blues1Being bored is not living.

Bored with the season of gray, grim, grime, none of it is very inspiring. How many times do we say “I’m bored,” and then sit down to do nothing. Is it the season we’re bored with or the same-old, same-old patterns of our lives? Or, are we just lazy and unwilling to engage with our lives? I could go ice skating, take a winter walk, build a bonfire; what will it be?

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Spring is here: Time for 'the big sweep'

spring-is-here1Spring has officially arrived, the calendar says. And not a moment too soon.

I’m inspired by the flyer that my friend, Mary, hands to me. The flyer is lovely and came from Chester based, Gardens by Guido Liberatore. On this flyer is a quote from the Swedish Hallmark Card illustrator, Marjolein Bastin. The quote reads:

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